Artist&Music Consulting

We advise our clients with musical questions and support them throughout their creative development. We focus on individuality and personal handling. Offering the foundation for a solid partnership, we are able to supply the artist with our broad experience on his way up.
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    -­ Demo Consulting
    -­ Production Consulting
    -­ Music Consulting for advertisement and TV
    -­ Artist Business-Consulting

Music Production

We offer music productions from composing to the final mix for artists, corporate, advertisement, motion picture and tv – benefit from our many years of experience.
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    -­ Recording
    -­ Production
    -­ Mixing
    -­ Remixing


With numerous chart achievements we proved a lot of strength in songwriting and composing. We create individual works for artists, movies and commercials and translate your visions into reality. No wish remains unheared.